5000/EV2162WB+ Electric vehicle charging reel with built in wall box & WI-FI (Single phase)

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A cable reeling drum specially designed and adapted for electric vehicle charging, the series 5000/EV2162WB+ reel is a single phase 16A unit featuring 4m of 3G2.5 + 1 x 0.5mm2 cable payout from the drum to the vehicle. The outstanding feature of the prefix 'WB' model is the addition of a built in charger which alleviates the need for a wall box style charger. These new models simply plug in to a domestic plug socket. Connection to the vehicle with this model (EV2162) is via. a type 2 socket. 

The additional advantage of the '+' prefix reel is the inclusion of a Wi-Fi connection providing remote operation of the charging operation.

The product is fitted as standard with integral ratchet, roller guide and swivel mounting bracket.

The type 5000/EV2162WB+ vehicle charging drums are generally available on a 4 week lead time from receipt of official order