ARES Joystick style radio control system


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    • Both ARES2-E and ARES2-C waist belt transmitters boast an extremely compact and ergonomic design. They may be customised and can be equipped with buttons, toggle-switches, rotary switches and potentiometers, according to the customer’s requests. ARES2 E is provided with an emergency mushroom-head button of category PL e (ISO 13849:1), SIL 3 whereas ARES2-C is fitted with a standard stop command and is intended for applications where a lower category of safety is acceptable Both ARES2-E & ARES2-C are compatible with all IMET receivers, also with on-off and proportional outputs, ARES2-E is also compatible for use with CAN-BUS and CAN-OPEN outputs. The coding of the radio signals and the numerous trasmission channels available rule out the possibility of interference with other devices. All ARES2 systems are is manufactured from shockproof materials and are resistant to water splashes, thanks to protection class IP65.
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