Cable Anchor stockings

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  • Cable reeling drums require anchor stockings to secure the free end of the wound cable length, and ensure that any tension is taken by the cable outer sheath rather than the electrical cores.
  • Our reputation has been built on decades of consistent service, and high quality products play a big part in this. All of our cable anchor stockings are produced using galvanised steel wire weave. Standard stockings feature a single weave and single fixing eye, while larger stockings used to support high loads and intensive applications are available as double or triple weave with double fixing eyes.
  • Simbal supplies cable anchor stockings to match all sizes of cable, with options available for diameters up to 102mm. Standard sizes are held in stock and available to purchase online from this page, larger bespoke stockings are also available to order. Simply get in touch with our expert sales staff on +44(0)1298 813883 or email us at