M880 WAVE 2-S Push button radio system


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  • The M880 WAVE 2-S Push button radio system is our most popular push button remote control option with both AC & DC versions available. Every product in the M880 series operates a continuous transmission link between the transmitting and receiving units. The radio link consists of a digital communication frames that is continuously  monitored at the point of reception. This guarantee an absolute correspondence between the commands sent by the operator and the received commands. When the radio link is too disturbed or interrupted the receiver unit will automatically turn into Stop mode bringing the machine to a safe status. The M880 WAVE2-S range includes many standard & optional features including the following :-
  • For more information on WAVE2 and our full range of remote radio systems you can download our data sheet from this page or contact our sales office on +44(0)1298 813883 and by email at sales@simbal.net