Radio control for Truck Cranes & hydraulic machines

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  • IMET M880 Hydraulic radio systems are designed to provide remote control to a large range of hydraulically operated machines. Using a combination of transmitters and receivers together with auxiliary equipment, solutions can be custom built to provide radio controls for hydraulic machines.
  • The ZEUS2 M4 and M6 transmitters are suited for applications which require single-axis joystick movement commands. While the consoles have a compact size, there is still room for additional on/off and proportional commands, making it easy to customise for special applications. These features are ideally suited for hydraulic proportional cranes, telescopic handlers and crawler vehicles.
  • The THOR2 M8 transmitter is equipped with up to 8 single-axis joysticks with space left for several on/off and proportional commands. This system is specifically designed for machines moved by proportional electro-hydraulic valve banks, such as 7-8 function hydraulic cranes and crawler lifting machines.
  • In addition to this, our PWM Hydra system enables the conversion of hydraulic manual cranes to radio control. The calibration of each actuator can be performed directly from the transmitter using radio signals, and the ‘on demand’ power pack only works when movements are operated, reducing wear and tear on moving parts. Our actuator hydraulic circuit is totally independent from the crane hydraulics, which avoids any oil sharing problems arising due to the presence of dirt.
  • For more information on  our full range of remote radio systems you can download our data sheet from this page or contact our sales office on +44(0)1298 813883 and by email at