Zero Gravity Spring balancers - Type 9361-9371 (10 - 105kg) 2000mm stroke

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Features & Technical data

  • SIMBAL 'Zero Gravity' Spring Balancers (also known as Tool Balancers) are suitable for an infinite range of applications across most industries and installation and construction sites. Zero gravity balancers are designed to allow the operator to easily move the load without feeling the weight and to maintain the load in position when released. This range of large, heavy duty balancers include the following features :
  • * 10 - 105kg capacity / 2000mm stroke
  • * Optional rubber casing protection (Type 'G')
  • * Safety device to prevent load from falling in event of spring failure
  • * Taper drum on ball bearings
  • * Ribbed block construction cast aluminium body
  • * Adjustable capacity
  • * Precision guided winding prevents jamming
  • * Adjustable stroke limiting device
  • * Rotary safety hooks top & bottom
  • * Auxiliary safety cable
  • * Stainless Steel Cable